Discover our nutracups®

Discover our nutracups®


We are proud to announce our newest product: NutraCups®. NutraCups® provide health conscious people with uniquely combined nutrients in a hot and healthy drink.

Our patented NutraCups technology is the first to provide a all-in-one solution combining otherwise incompatible nutrients in a single drink, maximizing their body uptake and protecting them from oxidation and degradation during storage.

The distinctive product features of our NutraCups®

Unique combination
of vitamins and other nutrients

Hot & Tasty functional food drink
at breakfast, lunch and before sleep

Optimal bioavailability

Work in progress

More opportunities to pre-order NutraCups® power shots are coming soon.

Pre-order our NutraCups®

Pre-orders can be placed only by resellers. In the coming months we will select our partners with whom we will cooperate.
Consumers can place their order starting Q1 2022 at one of our selected partners.

With our worldwide partners we develop all kinds of liposome innovations

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