DHA Brain Support


Liposomal DHA & Cocoa Polyphenols

NutraCups® DHA Brain Support is a hot-chocolate flavored health drink, which provides health-conscious people with a unique combination of bioactive ingredients for brain and cognition support*. Our DHA Brain Support cups contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), superfood cocoa flavanols and a combination of vitamin C and E.

NutraCups® Hot&Healthy PowerShots feature a unique combination of different classes of health ingredients including bioactive plant oils, purified plant extracts and concentrated vitamins, packed in airtight cup cartridges, free of preservatives. Upon extraction with a standard coffee cup extraction machine these ingredients together form a unique multi-nutrient health synergy drink with optimal body uptake. Each NutraCup® is carefully designed to target individual health needs.

Our NutraCups® DHA Brain Support provide you with…

Brain Support

Vision Support

Relax Support

Very easy to use

Insert NutraCup
in your Nespresso

Press big cup icon
for lungo drink

No rinsing needed
Stir briefly & Enjoy!

Distinctive product features

Unique combination
of vitamins and other nutrients

Hot tasty drink at breakfast,
lunch and before sleep

Optimal bioavailability


NutraCups® DHA Brain Support is a tasty, hot-chocolate flavored PowerShot, providing you with a combination of powerful health ingredients. Key ingredient is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a well-studied omega 3 fatty acid heralded for its beneficial effect on the brain. In NutraCups®, DHA comes from a vegan source in a form that is better protected and absorbed by the body, empowered by natural phosphatidylcholine. To maximize its benefit NutraCups® DHA Brain Support also features a high dose of cocoa flavanols plus vitamin C and E. It can be consumed on a daily basis for brain maintenance.

Benefits of NutraCups®

LIPOSOMA’s hot-chocolate flavored NutraCups® DHA Brain Support is a functional food, owing its health benefit for brain and cognitive functioning to the uniquely combined effects of its bioactive ingredients. DHA contributes to normal brain performance, while vitamin C supports the functioning of the nervous system. The nervous system and the brain have high oxygen demands, and the antioxidants vitamin C and E in this drink can contribute to scavenging free radicals in these structures. Oxidative stress can play a role in cognitive problems that may arise during ageing, such as problems with memory, reasoning and problem solving. The cocoa flavanols in this NutraCup are suggested to help maintain normal mental health**, as they might increase blood flow and vascular health in the brain and sensory systems, and stimulate the production of neuroprotective and neuromodulatory proteins.

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The distinctive product features of our NutraCups®

Unique combination of vitamins
and other nutrients

Hot tasty drink at breakfast,
lunch and before sleep


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