Immune Support Information

NutraCups® Immune Support

Our Immune Support NutraCup helps to maintain the function of the immune system.

LIPOSOMA proudly announces our newest product range, called NutraCups®. For LIPOSOMA’s NutraCups we selected our finest liposomal ingredients and placed these in cup cartridges that are designed for standard coffee cup extraction machines, which are present in almost every household. Every NutraCup produces a perfect liposome dispersion upon hot water extraction, containing high-quality active ingredients. The ingredients in our Immune Support help maintain the normal function of the immune system and function as free radical scavengers. By providing the ingredients in liposomes, higher concentrations can be provided while keeping the product in its stable form. Moreover, because the actual liposome dispersion is produced at home right before consumption, no preservatives are needed in the product.

What do vitamin C, D, E, quercetin and zinc do?

Our Immune Support supplements contain vitamin C, D3, E, Quercetin and zinc. The health effects of these bioactives are well established. Vitamin C, D and zinc all help maintain the normal function of the immune system [1-4] with a particular role for vitamin C in this regard in stress situations due to heavy physical activity [2]. In addition, vitamin C protects against symptoms of tiredness [2]. Furthermore, vitamin C, E and zinc are antioxidants and scavenge oxygen radicals that are known to cause oxidative stress and damage cells and tissues [5]. In addition, these agents play an important role in bone and muscle health while having a beneficial effect on cell division [1-4] .

Featuring natural health ingredients encapsulated in liposomes, the NutraCup technology can bring out the important benefit that the ingredients are protected against harmful degradations in the body [6]. This allows the ingredients of our Immune Support to arrive in the gut without being broken down first. Moreover, the phospholipids of which the liposomal matrix is composed provide some health effects themselves. Their main constituent is phosphatidylcholine, which incorporates the important health ingredient choline. Choline contributes to normal liver function and lipid metabolism [7].

Why in NutraCups?

LIPOSOMA has invented a new technology enabling liposomal encapsulation of its most delicate active ingredients: our NutraCups. NutraCups are cartridges that are designed for common espresso machines present in almost every household and produce a perfect liposome dispersion upon hot water extraction. This technology is especially well suited for active ingredients that require higher daily doses and thus more lipid to be administered. Our NutraCup technology allows us to deliver pure nutrients to the user as this technology requires hardly any additives. Therefore, our product contains no coffee or tea, just pure nutrients.


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