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NutraCups® PEA Complete

We are the first to offer PEA in a high-quality and directly applicable format for unique end products.

LIPOSOMA proudly announces our newest product range, called NutraCups®. For LIPOSOMA’s NutraCups we selected our finest liposome ingredients and placed these in cup cartridges that are designed for standard coffee cup extraction machines, which are present in almost every household. Every NutraCup produces a perfect liposome dispersion upon hot water extraction, containing high-quality active ingredients. This technology is especially well suited for active ingredients that require higher daily doses, like the highly interesting bioactive compound palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). PEA is usually administered in a high starting dosage of 1200 mg per day, followed after two months by a daily maintenance dosage of 600 mg, which is a dose that can now be provided in liposomal form because of our NutraCup technology. Orally administered PEA in the form of capsules containing conventional powder without liposomes is poorly absorbed by the body. The warm liposomal PEA dispersion produced with PEA NutraCups ensures PEA is optimally encapsulated, protected and delivered to the intestinal site of uptake in its active form after oral intake. Moreover, because the actual liposome dispersion is produced at home right before consumption, no preservatives are needed in the product.

What is PEA?

PEA is an endogenous fatty acid amide. Fatty acid amides are important signaling molecules in the central and peripheral nervous system. It is produced from membrane phospholipids and exerts a variety of functions [1]. PEA can naturally be derived from several food sources, like peanuts, soybeans or other beans [2]. PEA is a highly interesting bioactive ingredient according to scientific literature.

Benefits of NutraCups

To enable successful liposomal encapsulated PEA, LIPOSOMA developed a new technology called NutraCups. With this technology, all ingredients of liposomal PEA are provided in a cup cartridge and liposomes are formed upon extraction of the cups with warm water. The cups are made compatible with standard coffee cup extraction machines, so that the liposomal PEA beverage can be produced at home right before consumption. At LIPOSOMA we discovered that only this way complete solubilization of the PEA molecules in the matrix can be ensured and the required dose can be administered and delivered for intestinal uptake in its active form. Furthermore, the NutraCups technology has the advantage that no preservatives are needed.

Why take liposomal PEA?

Featuring natural health ingredients encapsulated in liposomes, the NutraCups technology can bring out the important benefit that the ingredients are protected against premature degradation [3]. This allows the PEA in our supplement to arrive in the gut without being broken down first. Moreover, the phospholipids of which the liposomal matrix is composed provide additional health benefits themselves. Their main constituent is phosphatidylcholine, which incorporates bioactive choline. Choline contributes to normal liver function and lipid metabolism [4].


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